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Internet Of Things

Internet of Things (IOT)

What is IOT? What does it mean? This is the new term which is gradually gaining a lot of popularity and has become a part of our life. To start with the first question IOT means internet of things. Physical objects used to collect and exchange data through a medium of network connectivity is known as Internet of Things. Physical objects namely vehicles, buildings, devices and other items which are embedded with electronics, software’s and sensors are a few examples to be mentioned.

How is IOT useful and how is it gaining a lot of importance is a matter which one must look upon. IOT helps to revolutionize our lives in major ways some of which is been expressed as follows:

Efficient and real time operations.

Ability to connect devices to the Internet helps to bolster the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations with a real time approach.

Opportunities to improvise business skill.

Along with the efficiency and effectiveness we get an advantage to the out of the box approach which gives us new ideas and methodologies to increase revenue streams.

Availability of data with the just in time approach.

With the availability of data a wide range of techniques become available to help improvise creativity in the existing pattern of working thus helping to provide solutions just in time by surfing on the internet.

Improvise public relations through social media.

Public relations and marketing methods have started adopting the means of internet like Whatsapp and Facebook thus staying connected with social circle.

IOT has its advantages as well as disadvantages too. Since we have landed up visiting through the advantages of IOT thus we should have a look upon the disadvantages of the same too. Some of them are expressed below:

Cyber security and privacy concerns.

Devices connected through a network are vulnerable to thieves who hack the online data and steal sensitive information thus thereby hacking the private data.

Increase of virtual interactions than personal interactions.

Dependency on gadgets and machinery.


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