It is said that technology is changing faster than our thoughts. Millennials today, love to stay connected, for anything they buy or sell. They browse, select, look for more, share stuff with their peeps, get recommendations or comments over their choice, then buy. In these actions, social media plays the key role. Social media is the key decision maker in buying/selling. We understand customer needs and come up with strategies that will ensure maximum coverage in digital platforms, and of course, to the target audience, for higher recall value.

At Pixel Solutionz, we offer our customers the following benefits:

  • SEO optimized Web Presence
  • Aggressive social media marketing
  • Identifying niche customer segments

Our social media services can be broadly classified into two categories:

Social media optimization services

A set of services to enhance the usability of your site, ensure sharing information over popular social sites, increase visibility on custom and niche search engines; tracking website traffic updates, and encouraging discussion forums.

Social Media Marketing Services

At Pixel Solutionz, we help you promote your business on social networks, with the correct brand positioning,improved online brand visibility, reputation management, lead generation and increase quality inbound links.

We offer the followingsocial media marketing services:

Social Media Optimization

We at Pixel Solutionz, offer you the following services in Social Media Optimization:

  • Optimized blog development, design, maintenance, and promotion
  • Brand management using social media monitoring
  • Social media profile creation and management (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, SlideShare, WhatsApp etc.)
  • Community building and monitoring
  • Direct advertisements in LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Social bookmarking
  • Social media distribution: leveraging social channels besides the regular channels to promote press releases and newsworthy content